I saw a bunch of Dinosaurs on Saturday

You be asking yourself, mike what could you possibly mean by this? Well let me explain! there is this thing called a Dino Safari that I saw on Facebook. Being a big Dinosaur guy I saw this and thought to myself “I need to go to this” so why wouldn’t I jump right into a drive thru Dinosaur Safari? Well I did and here are a bunch of pictures from yesterday. You may be asking yourself “Mike why did you take so many pictures?” Because I had to pay 50 fucking dollars to do this ok? And because I didn’t particularly think it was that cool, and I would like to share my love for Dinosaurs

Cool right?
Dino Selfie
Much cool
You bred Raptors?
First one we saw that McKenzie wasn’t terrified of
Put the Egg down! NOW!
Uh I think you need to clip your fingernails
Spikier than Guy Fieri
Look back at it
Do I make you horny baby? – Austin Powers
Big Haus
Spino Selfie
Fuck this guy
That’s a lot of people just as stupid as I am
It never ends
Much wow
Big Jaws
Why do you have to be so hard headed?
Pretty cool eh?
The king is here!
Where’s the goat?
We have a T-Rex
Beauty and the beast
Best Friends

If you made it through all of that thank you

Please don’t unfollow me

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