This Justin I’m F***ing excited about the Bears

Yesterday started off like any other day, I awoke from my slumber with the same sluggishness from not getting enough sleep, I drove to work and went through the daily trials of life. Although it was eerily similar to every other day this week it felt different. It was Draft Day. The day when my favorite team gets to pick new guys in an attempt to bring a Super Bowl to Chicago. I was excited, and scared. Excited to see what the Bears management would do and scared to see what the Bears management would do.

I don’t know what’s best for an NFL Franchise, but I all I know is I wanted the Bears to draft a Quarterback. But not just any Quarterback…I wanted Justin Fields

You know that guy who’s been leading Ohio State since 2019 when he transferred there from Georgia. Physically the kid is elite, he’s smart, he’s tough, and he fell to number 11…and guess what? The Chicago Bears drafted him. I was elated, it felt like Christmas Morning when you knew you were going to get a Nintendo 64 and sure is shit Santa brought it to you. I was so happy that I had anxiety because there had to be something going wrong according to my idiot brain. I have hope now, I didn’t have that a few days ago. I just believed that the bears would roll out this season with nothing to look forward to besides everything that has to do with the team because it’s football and it’s the most addicting drug out there.

But now we have an actual Quarterback, we managed to grab the Second and you can even make the argument if you want to “best” Quarterback in the draft. Does that sound like something the idiot Bears would do? And before you start with the “he will be just like Mitch” shit, I’ll stop you before you finish. This is not even close to Mitch, Mitch was a Jeep Wrangler coming out of the draft…everybody likes Wranglers but do you really want one? Justin Fields is like a nice Porsche, you know you want one and you could see yourself driving it…I know I’m not making any sense just bare with me.

Now we have something to look forward to. When is Justin Fields going to play? Why isn’t Justin Fields Playing? Where is Justin Fields…these are the questions Bears fans will be asking because we want to see our Porsche perform. He sold the Wrangler, we are Porsche guys now.

I don’t know about you but I am so fucking excited about the Chicago Bears now it’s almost unbelievable. You want to know how all in I am?

Bear Down Baby 🐻⬇️

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