Man I’m going to miss rooting for Andrew Shaw

Not sure if you saw the news today, Chicago’s favorite little shit was forced into retirement by the way of concussions. It’s sad seeing one of my favorite players step away from the game due to something that’s out of his control but man do I respect the hell out of everything he did whilst wearing a Blackhawks Sweater.

I remember watching him for the first time and thinking who the hell is this kid? He’s like half the size of everybody else but he played like he was 8 feet tall. It was a reminder that no matter how big you were or how stacked against you the odds may be with hard work, the right attitude, and the willingness to put someone on their ass you can accomplish anything.

He was a favorite in our house for a reason. He was rough, he was tough, and he was willing to put it all on the line to win…he was exactly the type of player you want on your team but the type of guy you would hate if he was on your rival. I don’t want this to get sappy but I really love this dude. He’s helped bring me so many good memories

Like when he was a pivotal piece in the 2013 and 2015 cup runs

Or when he used the old noggin to score the best no goal I’ve ever seen

Or the times he said fuck on live TV multiple times

Or when he took a puck to the face during the Stanley cup final against Boston and later took the best picture in the history of Chicago Sports

Whatever he does in life I wish him nothing but the best, because of him he helped my 20’s be so enjoyable and man oh man am I going to miss rooting for him

Thanks for the Memories

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