The 5 people I think are so cool Pt. 1

Being cool is relative, some people are cool and some others are not. I’d like to think of myself as a pretty cool dude, but there are 5 other people who I share this earth with that are waaaay cooler than me, and I don’t even know what to do about it anymore. This is a topic I’ve been meaning to expand upon for a while so maybe I’ll make this a series of people who I think are righteous. I should mention that this list is not in order so all these folks are just as cool in my book.

1. Drake

I think Drake is so cool, he’s a world famous rapper who just drips with coolness…he so cool that the most uncool thing about him is that his real name is Aubrey and even that’s still pretty cool. He’s has the most #1 hits of any artist ever and he played a crippled kid on Degrassi. Even when he was on Degrassi I thought he was super cool. You know how cool drake is? He can shave a Heart into his hairline and still be cool

And let’s not even get into his Turtleneck game, what else can I really say? Drake is king of the North

2. Jake Paul

This might be a controversial pick, but let’s get the facts straight Jake Paul is so fucking cool. I mean look at that pictures he has a robot with him, a fucking robot! He is the only YouTuber that I think deserves to be on this list, and he may or may not be the only “fighter” on this list. You may be saying to yourself…”mike, Jake Paul is not cool” but you shut your damn mouth when you’re talking to me. He’s got millions of subscribers on YouTube, money in the bank, and he’s the hottest fight in town.

The Champ is here

3. Pat Mahomes

We can all agree that Quarterbacks are the coolest players in football, they handle the ball every play basically and sling the ball hundreds of yards every Sunday with that burning desire to win. So by default one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL has to be cool right?

Enter Patrick Mahomes, this dude is a rockstar, he’s just so cool. He is like a future hall of famer already! And he will more than likely be a perennial Super Bowl Contender with the chiefs. I mean I’m a Bears fan through and through but watching the Chiefs offense play is like why I like watching football. Points points points. And did I mention his rocket arm? If you have a Rocket Arm you’re pretty cool. Not sure if he ever will read this because I would totally understand if he didn’t, he’s too cool for that but he’s so freaking cool.

4. Joe Rogan

Podcasts are cool, I love listening to podcasts, and this son of a gun has the most successful podcast on earth. He can go from having a serious talk with Ben Shapiro to smoking weed with the richest man on earth. He always gets the best guests on his shows and is the gold standard for what a podcast should be. But let’s not forget the first time we were introduced to Joe Rogan…that’s right Fear Factor. He is so cool that most people forget he hosted Fear Factor, and he is one of the best play by play guys for the UFC. The man is unstoppable. He will never read this. But Joe Rogan, you’re a cool dude

5. Mark Cuban

I needed a billionaire on my list, I needed it like I need air in my lungs, but let’s face it Billionaires are boners…but not Mark Cuban. He’s just awesome. He has so much money he has more wealth than the rest of the Sharks on Shark Tank COMBINED! And what does he do with his money? He starts foundations for veterans, he builds new gyms for his alma mater, and he invests it in companies who need a little help getting going. I like to think I will one day be able to be like Mark Cuban because he’s so cool. I mean he owns a Basketball Team

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