What’s all this Hubbabaloo about TikTok Leggings?

It seems like every trend now-a-days comes straight from TikTok or hell as i like to call it. Sure you can learn cool things on there like how to unfrizz your hair with a dryer sheet, or do a backflip. But there is a shitty side to Tik Tok full of Zoomer’s dancing to Dreams by Fleetwood Mac, and creepy old guys doing side to sides with young girls. It needs to stop. Now I’m not on Tik Tok so basically my only exposure to Tik Tok is anything that goes viral enough to be on Twitter and Facebook.

So fast forward to a couple months/weeks Idk to be honest but apparently everyone on Tik Tok is talking about these scrunched leggings that are supposed to make your fudge cutter look really good. I know this because Christine bought some and to borrow a phrase from Project Pat…Great Googooly Moogoly. I don’t even remember Christine buying them but apparently she did and I’m a big Scrunched Leggings guy now. I managed to sneak a picture of Christine’s butt in them just to show you guys what I’m talking about. Now don’t nobody tell her because she will 100% kill me if she sees this.

The Leggings themselves. There they are in all they’re scrunchyness

Ok now lets get down to business (To defeat the Huns) here is the aforementioned Christine Butt Picture.

#Woah. You may be saying to yourself Mike what in the flying fuck are you doing sharing a picture of your Feyonce’s butt on your blog. You wanna know why? Because i am insane that’s why.

Do you like that butt? Do you? Well you shouldn’t

Cuz that’s my Butt…you creep

Bang Bang

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