This is what Friyays should be

Today started like any other day except for one small fact. It’s a Friday! Basically the best day of the week, and second place isn’t particularly close. But today was a special Friday and you’re about to find out why.

It started off with work which kind of is alright but it is what it is. Gotta get that bread am I right? I was luckily able to leave a little early and surprise McKenzie when she got off the school bus, she was elated that I was home when she was. And that right there is enough to make my day perfect but it was what we all did together that made it great.

I took my family to the local game shop in Woodstock. It’s called Griffonest games and it has everything you need to start a new game or maybe you like D&D or Magic the Gathering such as myself. Well guess what Jack? This place is for you, I can’t wait to go back next payday and buy some new cards, dice, and miniatures. McKenzie even got something.

I got her a cute little dice bag and a new set of dice that she can play D&D with, just like her old man. I got myself some new magic cards that were honestly so reasonably priced that it ain’t no thang.

Prior to a couple years ago I would have driven right past places like this but ever since I was introduced to D&D and Magic I make efforts to visit small shops like this and give them a little business. If you’re not even into stuff like that it’s still a cool place to go and check out because they might have something your in to. Expand your horizons, check this place out. You won’t regret it.

After that we decided to hit up a local favorite pizza shop. You may have heard me talk about this pizza before but it was from Your Sister’s Tomato

Christine got a Banana Nutella pizza

Spoiler alert it didn’t last long

McKenzie got Cheese

And I got a Hot Gardinera and onion pizza

It was lovely, we all thoroughly enjoyed the pizza along with the lovely workers that I have missed o so much. If you’re a fellow Woodstockian or McHenrycountian or Illinoisan you have no excuse not to hit up either of these joints on your way to visit me dammit. It may not seem like a lot to you but local businesses do so much to the economy of our cities and you know what? I love where I live and will continue to support these businesses through the toughest economic time that many of us have ever and might ever experience. It’s important and you never know who’s day you might make.

I mean look at these faces

That’s what it’s all about.

So here we are I’m at home writing and I got to try a new way to get drunk, it’s from the Simpsons and it’s called Skittlebrau, it’s so simple you just take skittles and put it in beer

You may say I’m having a Friday for the ages. I got to spend a good amount of my time with the people I love supporting the town I love and visiting places I love

Here’s another look at Skittlebrau

I swear it’s good

So what did you do today? Sound off in the comments

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