If you don’t own a Phil Connors Funko Pop do you really even live in Woodstock?

In 2016 I took the leap and moved from Mount Prospect, Illinois…the town I called home for a decade and moved my entire life to Woodstock, Illinois to start my family with my wonderful fiancé Christine. We moved out this way because it was closer to our jobs, we have family out this way, and frankly it was cheaper to start a family out here. I remember the smell of our first apartment, oh how I miss the horrible draft during the winter, the way the hallway door would slam and scare the shit out of us and the way that the carpet would snake because it was installed so shittily.

Very quickly did I learn that Woodstock cared very much about the history of the town. I mean one of the first places we went to eat in Woodstock (Sup D.C Cobbs) had burgers named after the little things that make Woodstock Special

But perhaps the most culturally impactful thing that’s ever happened to Woodstock? The movie Groundhog Day. I mean pretty much the entire movie was filmed in the town I call home. And we aren’t talking about Fart Warriors 5 starring Kevin James, we are talking about one of the greatest comedies of all time starring Bill Fuckin Murray

It doesn’t get much bigger than Bill Murray, and should you ever visit the town of Woodstock you will notice the plaques and murals dedicated to Groundhog Day. Woodstockians are damn proud of that movie and you know what? So am I.

So you can only imagine how I felt when I found a Phil Connors Funko Pop at a shop in the Square, Sup Anime and things?

It’s perfect, not only does this exist but they sell it in Woodstock! I feel like this is something that all Woodstockians should have in their home, I mean what else screams “I love where I live” that owning a Funko Pop version of one of the most impactful things to ever happen to your town? Cuz you know what? I love where I live.

I love Woodstock, I love the people, I love the vibes this town gives off, I love how up and coming this town is becoming and I love love love the Square. I can’t think of a better place to plant your roots and call home, because in Woodstock Illinois…

We are anything but Square

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