I hate April Fools Day

I hate today, as a matter of fact I hate everyday but April Fools Day is easily top teo worst days of the year and it’s not number two. This is a new thing for me, I remember when I was a teenager calling my mom telling her I got arrested for weed and a few short months later being suspended from school for well weed. But I digress April Fools day is the vurst and it has to be stopped…at all costs.

I’m not going to tell you how many April Fools jokes I fell for today because it was a lot…first was Russell Wilson to the Bears, I almost cried because I thought the Bears would actually have a Quarterback for once for a moment I was actually happy for something the Bears did and as quickly as it came it was snatched away from me. It’s bullshit and I’m sick of it.

Then there was the Michael Strahan thing where he “got rid of” his signature gap in his teeth…

Talk about committing to a bit, he released photoshopped pictures and everything

I don’t like being played with and literally everyone does it on April Fools Day. Even your most loved Fast Food brands

Not from this year but you get the idea

Really? this is how it’s going to be. I’m appalled they must think we are stupid which I clearly am. I’m not a multiple source guy I’m gullible I get it I am the reason you bastards keep doing this shit.

I’m honestly shocked Christine didn’t call me and tell me she was pregnant because my head would have exploded. Or I wouldn’t have believed her because I fell for everything I read today. I need help, I wonder what my therapist is up to.

Fuck April Fools Day

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