Where do we go from here? Inside the life of a Chicago Bears Fan

There are no guarantees in life, except for the obvious (paying taxes, Getting stuck at every light when you’re in a hurry to get somewhere, Death) unless you’re a Chicago Bears fan. At least once a year, you get the privilege of getting your soul crushed by the Bears. It’s really something special, in fact it’s one of the only things that makes me feel like complete shit but I continue to support them. They are that guy that you think you can change but they just keep disappointing you.

Still not over the double doink

So what do we do about it? Why do we continue to allow the bears to rip our hearts out and smash them into a million fucking pieces. It’s because we are fans dammit. I know there are tortured fan bases out there but when you think of tortured fans the bears have to be top 5 right? I mean a storied franchise who hasn’t won a championship in 30+ years and every time they have something good going for them it gets snatched away like beer from a teenager.

And let’s not forget that the ownership of our team is nothing short of horrifying. To put it simply the McCaskey’s don’t give a flying fuck about the fans because if they did they would take a look in the mirror and realize the train wreck that our franchise has become and they would sell the team or shake things up and clean house. After this most recent playoff disaster it’s apparent as to what needs to happen.

Nagy…needs to go, an offensive guru who has led the bears to two playoff appearances in his three years as the bears head coach…but if lovie can get canned after a 10-6. Nagy can go after back to back seasons being at the bottom of the league in offensive production, and allowing the bears to be almost as undisciplined as the *Shudder* Trestman era bears

Pagano…needs to be shot out of a cannon, for wasting two years of our defense and allowing them to regress to a freshman B Team defense who couldn’t stop a nosebleed all while getting fucked with penalties.

Pace…launched into the sun for picking Mitch over Mahomes and Watson. I like Mitch, but I like when my team wins more

Anthony Miller…cut immediately. Dude sucks all he does is talk shit and never back it up with his performance on the field, you’re like our number 4 receiver. Stop throwing up gang signs during games

Actual picture of Anthony Miller

Robert Quinn…remind me why we are paying you an ungodly amount of money to get beat like a drum on every single down

I should lay into Mitch but I’m not going to, I like Mitch, always have. I wish nothing but the best for ol titty boy. I hope he goes to another city and makes them fall for him as I did, and have an unparalleled amount of success he’s doesn’t deserve to deal with this clown show organization anymore.

The Bears Stink, and im sick of being miserable because of them. But all we can do is hope for the best and try again next year, so I have like 8 months before they hurt me again. *now show me on the doll where the Bears hurt you*

But you know what? I’m already looking forward to next year…I’m chasing that dragon even though I’m gonna end up in the gutter with Poo in my pants and a headache. I guess that’s what being a fan is, I guess I’ll give them 80 more chances.

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  1. Mike I agree with almost everything you said. But one of the very first sentences was key. NEW OWNERSHIP. I was fortunate enough to live the ’85 season and watch them play in the NFC championship game at Soldier Field. And obviously watched them crush the Patriots in SB II. But like the cubs, the attitude from ownership is to give the people what they want ONCE, then they can live the rest of their lives with more money than they could spend… We are 35 years out of sb 20 and it’s the same shit every season since. The only way out is to find someone with the cash or the willingness to buy an NFL team in the 4th largest metro area in the USA.

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