I’m a Big Fish Sandwich Guy Now

First of all I would like to reintroduce myself, I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged anything, wasn’t really feeling it for a while, was on a big podcasting kick for a while and now I’m no longer feeling that so I need to do something to stay sane, but you heard it here first

Only words needed just like the Goat, shoutout MJ

That’s right dammit, I’m back on my bullshit and boy howdy do I have a lot to say. It’s been a really long time since I’ve blogged, I mean a vaccine for this boner Coronavirus has been developed and the world is slowly going back to normal. But you know what’s not normal? Me. In the past month or so I have slipped into a weird funk where I just can’t get enough of the most divisive food on the planet. That’s right, Fish…more specifically Fish Sandwiches…even more specifically Fast Food Fish Sandwiches.

It all started about a month ago, we were doing our typical Tuesday night routine; Gymnastics then McDonalds for dinner. It’s a winning combo. Anyways, randomly one night I said to myself “you know what I’m gonna get a Filet o’ Fish” and I did, and it was awesome. It was just perfect, but it started a downward Spiral that I don’t think anyone could have predicted.

Before I knew it every time we would hit a fast food joint, if they had a Fish Sandwich, there was about a 100% chance I was getting it. I don’t know what In the flying fuck came over me but I just can’t get enough fish right now.

If you were to ask me who’s got the best fish sandwich in the game my response would be this…it’s the Filet o’ Fish and before you Poo Poo my findings keep in mind over the past month/two months I’ve tried about 5 fish sandwiches and I can safely say that the Filet o’ Fish is hands down the best. Don’t believe me? Then go get one ya silly goose, trust me you won’t regret it, unless of course you don’t like fish, and if that’s the case then you just can’t be trusted. Fish rules, we are a thing now. And dammit if you don’t respect it I’ll cancel you right now

Who are you to tell me who I can love?

I’m tired of keeping this a secret, I’m a bit Fish Sandwich guy now and i pray it continues because it’s delicious

Me Captain Piccard you bald idiot, I do. go Phuck yourself

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