Mike’s Cooking Corner: Steak and Au Gratin Potatoes

Felt like cooking something a little fancier today, so I remembered I had some Omaha steaks in the freezer that I got for Father’s Day (Thanks Mama), I also remembered that I bought a flat top so it was pretty obvious what I would be making for dinner tonight.

Meat and Potatoes, it’s a dish that really makes you feel like a man/woman. I mean they even have a term for it. “I’m a meat and potatoes kind of guy” so I decided to fire up the Blackstone and make some Omaha Steaks.

Ma Steaks Dawg

I made sure to have the heat very high and to get that griddle smoking hot, which is how I cooked steaks prior to having a grill/flat top. Meat was pretty good quality and I only seasoned the meat with a little bit of salt and pepper, probably could have used a little more but I’m not big into steak seasonings and you really should just let the meat talk ya know?

So in my bundle of meats from Omaha Steaks there was a bunch of Au Gratin Potatoes which are basically the best kind of potatoes and as you can see in the picture these are not exactly what I had in mind when I thought of Au gratin potatoes but I’ll get into the taste in a little bit.

Next item on the menu were some Green Hatch Chile’s that I picked up from Jewel earlier in the week. These are those green Chile’s that you can basically only find in the state of New Mexico and occasionally our Jewel Carries them. They are very mild in taste but have a good amount of flavor. Excellent on the grill and as I learned in my travels to Mexico, you need a hot pepper with Steak. It’s a game changer and if you haven’t tried it yet next time you throw a steak on the grill grab a jalapeño and try it out. It’s phenomenal.

All in all the total cook took about 30 minutes the longest part being the potatoes as they were being cooked from frozen. The flat top made short work of the peppers and steak and I think in total it took about 20 minutes to cook the steak and peppers. That 20 minutes includes firing up the Blackstone and heating it up. So to make a long story short it was a super simple meal.

Dinner was good. The steak was the star of the show as the potatoes and Peppers were just ok. I shouldn’t have expected much from the potatoes due to them being frozen and I think the peppers were not ripe as they had a very bitter taste to them, not great bob. The steak however was excellent, it had a nice sear on it from cooking it at such high heat, my only complaint was that it cooked way too fast so I had to put it off to the side to make sure the rest of the dinner was completed, and the steak was not super hot when I ate it. In hindsight it should have been the last thing that I cooked on the flat top but you live and you learn I guess.

Anyways that was Mikes Cooking Corner I hope you enjoyed your stay and remember to stay hungry my friends.

Quick reminder that I started a podcast recently and if you have in interest in listening to it you can find it on all Podcast Streaming platforms by searching “My Drive To Work” if you enjoy my blogs you will more than likely enjoy the podcast as well. Enjoy

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