The Three best words in the English Language: Country Fried Steak

After a long day in the sun with a solid amount of Beer yesterday I felt it was a good idea to treat La Familia to one of our favorite local Breakfast places (Two Brothers in Woodstock), for a nice hearty breakfast.

Lately I have been watching a lot of Food Network, mainly for the lack of sports on and because there is literally nothing else on, it sucks. One thing I’ve been noticing is how much Country Fried Steak you see on the Food Network. It really isn’t that much more than any other food but I saw it on there and of course has the instant urge to get some in my big belly as soon as possible.

So I got Waffles this morning for breakfast…

But of course I had Country Fried Steak, or Chicken Fried Steak as I have heard it being referred to as well. And let me tell you, I don’t think there is any breakfast pound for pound that can compete with this breakfast Behemoth.

Now that’s not the exact thing I had this morning but it was the same basic concept; Big Old Chunk of country fried steak…smothered in sausage gravy, Eggs and Hash browns. I dare you to find a breakfast item that can hold a candle to Country Fried Steak. And before you say something fruity like Eggs Benedict Arnold I’ll atop you right there and cast banishment on you for even thinking that. That’s a little D&D reference for you.

I think I have found a new go to when it comes to Breakfast at our cute little Diner in town and you can bet your sweet ass that I’ll be dreaming about this Fried piece of steak for a while.

If you need any other reason to get some of this in your life I really don’t know what to tell you at this point.

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