I’m obsessed with Outdoor Cooking Videos

If you’re reading this you have probably been on Facebook at some point in your life. If you have I’m sure you have seen one of the million cooking videos that can be found on Facebook. Let me just say I’m obsessed with a certain type of cooking video, no not that Tasty bullshit I’m talking about the videos where it’s just a dude and nature

Maybe it’s because I love grilling and love enjoying outdoor weather or maybe It’s because it’s just so primal. The dudes in these videos use one ridiculous sized knife and usually cook everything by fire.

It’s mesmerizing, I literally just finished a video of a guy cooking a frigging Grilled Cheese and every step looked incredible

Where do I sign up to do this? I want to use a ridiculous sized knife to make a bunch of shit, cook it by a fire, and just enjoy it outside by a creek. Just me and nature ya know?!

While everybody spends the 4th of July probably on a boat drinking beer I’m going to spend my watching Tasty Life videos. They are the best. My favorite guy is the AlmazanKitchen and his videos are bananas you should definitely Czech them out

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