Floor is Lava: This show rules

If you had any sort of childhood growing up and have Netflix you have no reason not to watch Floor is Lava. It has it all; Lava, People falling in Lava, and the lack of floors.

I remember when I was a kid I would play this game with Stef and Joe and I hope to play this game with McKenzie one day. It’s kind of insane that Netflix came up with this as a show because I’m all the way in, like whoever came up with this genius idea needs a raise.

I mean just look at that, it looks awesome. The game is simple get from point A to Point B without falling into the lava. Got it? Good. Because it is very very simple. I’m a simple guy so that goes a long way with me. The best part about this show? The reactions when their teammates fall in the lava. You would think their loved one literally just fell in lava.

What are you waiting for? You and I both know you have nothing going on and are totally looking for something new to watch on Netflix

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