Mike’s Cooking Corner: Philly Cheesesteaks

I may be a greasy Dago from the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago but there is one thing that makes me happier than Jeffrey Epstein at a Middle school, that’s right Philly Cheesesteaks. I mean who doesn’t like grilled Steak, Onions, Peppers and Cheese. It’s basically the ultimate sandwich. Which is why it’s basically a must try at every single place I go that sells them. similar to a Cuban sandwich I really can’t get enough, but sadly I have yet to find a Philly Cheesesteak around these parts that compares to the Philly I had while visiting family in Pennsylvania many moons ago.

So last weekend for Fadders Day we made Beef Sandwiches and sausage, because it’s what the old man wanted and it’s really all good in the hood. So I had some left over Italian beef and I thought to myself “hey you know what would be good with that left over Italian Beef? Philly Frickin Cheesesteaks”

So I asked my Beautiful Sous Chefs Christine and McKenzie to chop up the vegetables for me and as soon as I pulled in the garage it was fucking go time.

I started by browning the veggies so they get nice and Muciad

I used my new 28” Blackstone griddle to get this job done, and I cooked the shit out of those veggies with a little olive oil it was Divine.

Then came the meats. I felt like Arby’s I have the Meat

That leftover Italian Beef crisped up nicely it did. Then I did the best part, I tru a little cheese on bitch like I was Rich Boy (millennials remember that song)

Final Product

I threw it on some bread, that was too much bread and called it a day, it was awesome it hit the spot, and I may or may not get better bread tomorrow and have phillys all weekend.

That was Mike’s Cooking Corner thanks for reading be sure to Subscribe

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