Fathers Day: A Day for Dear Old Dad

Today is Father’s Day. It’s a day that was built on Air Monarchs, Grilling and Yuggin Beers. I have already aired how I feel about Mother’s Day on this platform of mine. But this is the year Dads get some friggin recognition. After all who’s the one who taught you how to Cut the Grass, Fire Up the Grill, and Told you jokes that almost made your eyes roll out of your head. That’s right your Old Man.

Speaking of old men I’d like to share a few things about my old man. He recently became a grandfather (about 4 years ago so I guess not that recent but just for the sake of discussion we will call it recent)

And I must say he’s filled the role quite nicely,

He’s always been a great dad, hell he helped shape me into the man I am today, but I always imagined he would be a great Papa. McKenzie is so blessed to have you in her life as I have been blessed to call you Dad for the past 30 years.

Sure we’ve had some tough times like the entirety of my teenage years, but we have also had times that I’ll never forget. Like remember the time I got really drunk off MGD and White Castle and ralphed all over your bathroom floor and you totally weren’t pissed at me. Or the time you me and joe froze our nuts off at the Bears game when we watched the Bears absolutely dummy the 49ers. Or the time went to the Sox game and got to see them kick the shit out of the Royals twice in one day.

This Father’s Day sit down with your old man and reminisce about the days when you weren’t thirty and boring. Isn’t that is what life is about? Enjoying the good times with the ones you love, after all they won’t be around forever.

If you have time make sure you call your dad today, if you don’t have plans to chill with them, show some love to the guy who made numerous sacrifices to help give you the life he thought you deserved, maybe it’s because I’m a dad now but I really have a soft spot for Father’s Day or maybe it’s because I’m trying my hardest every single day to be as good of a Dad to McKenzie that my dad was to me.

Love you Dad

Happy Father’s Day to anyone who may be reading this that it applies to. And to all the new Dads out there, I know it’s not easy but keep at it, it’s so worth it, it’s the best Job I ever had

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