Text Tones Are Everything Wrong in this World

So last week we went to Kenzie’s gymnastics practice and during our waiting process something I detest kept occurring. Some asshole had his phone on FULL VOLUME and his annoying text tone kept going off. Everybody knows that texting is like the main form of communication now a days. If you try and call me I’m probably going to text you, it’s just the way it is. I can’t help it, and I’m far too old to change.

I get that people think they are important, and I get that other people are psychos who need to have their phone on ring at all times. I’m more of a vibrate guy myself. I don’t need to hear the same song over and over again every time I get a phone call from the 5 people who call me. Sure I could get personalized tones for every important person in my life but I’m not made of money, and before you go there I’m not going to listen to whatever you are about to say.

So anyways I’m sitting through McKenzies gymnastics practice and it’s like 100 degrees in there and I have to hear this random assholes text tone go off every second. Ok so I may be exaggerating a little bit but still I don’t feel like I should have to hear transformers buttporking every time this jerk gets a text message from whomstever is texting him. Like keep that shit at home dude.

Anyways text tones must be German, because they are the Wurst.

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