I finished Outer Banks…what the hell do I do now?

So last night I finished the Netflix series Outer Banks and I’m left with an empty feeling in my chest. I need more, I need more Pope, I need more JJ and Dammit I need me some more John B

Maybe I’m just fan girling but I think there is a real connection between me and John B I mean he’s just so fucking cool; he surfs, goes on Treasure Hunts, and let’s not forget that damn bandana he wears.

True life: I have a Man Crush on John B. Which leads me to my next question. What the hell do I do now? What show do I invest my time into and eventually learn to love the characters…tell me, what the hell do I do now

One comment

  1. John B could have had an easier time if he didn’t go blabbing about finding the gold. If you need some recommendations, I am Not Okay With This and Everything Sucks were two other netflix shows that we enjoyed.

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