First Cook on my New Blackstone Griddle: When‘s the next meal?

I decided to splurge on myself recently and went out to Menards last weekend to purchase my first griddle. But not just any griddle, i bought a Blackstone 28” Griddle. After a few lengthy discussion with my manager at work about how much these things fuckin rule, and after a few days of research I decided to pull the trigger and purchase it. Today was the day i set it up and I told myself that i will be making something on that G Dang Griddle today. For those who don’t know; Blackstone makes a quality product and is very highly rated, and you could also call this griddle a Flat Top Grill but for the sake of keeping everybody on the same page I’m going to refer to this new toy of mine as a Griddle.

It’s Beautiful

Set up was a breeze. It only took me about 10-20 minutest to completely set up after i fully unboxed everything inside the box. And the instructions were completely user friendly, even if this still sounds a little intimidating to you i found a 13 minute YouTube video on how to set it up, and if you are like me YouTube and Figuring Shit Out go together like Beer and a Hot Day. From the build I immediately went into season mode which can be seen in the picture above. The idea of seasoning the griddle prior to use is to make a bond of oil that makes the surface of the griddle naturally non stick, similar to what you would do with a Cast Iron Skillet. It’s the same general concept and super necessary so you don’t have food sticking to the griddle every time you cook.

After the griddle was seasoning I got Christine on the horn and told her that we should make Fajitas tonight. I actually didn’t call her she was right next to me when i suggested this to her. So off to the grocery store we went. First we hit the local Supermercado where they totally had premade fajitas at their butcher. Only thing for you to do is to cook it. Saved us a good amount of time but I’ll get into what i would have changed later.

As soon as we got home it was fucking Go Time. I fired the BS (Blackstone for short) and threw all the meat on the grill which surprisedly was able to hold all of the meat I threw at it.

Splitting the crowd down the Middle

I cooked on High which i wasn’t sure I was going to do because it was my first time using it, but you know what they say don’t you? Iron sharpens iron kid so I went All Gas No Brake and cooked the shit out of those fajitas. If i basically sold you on getting your own Blackstone Griddle there is no turning back now. The smells that were coming off of this Griddle were absolutely incredible. I felt like one of those dudes at Benihana who do all the cool shit when they cook you your food. Although I’m no where as skilled as the fellas over a Benihana, but I’ll get there and they will fear me.

Bringing the White Meat and Dark Meat together because that’s just what this country needs right now Dammit

I even used the griddle to heat up the tortillas because damn it if you’re making fajitas you need warm tortillas to eat them with.

Fits an entire package of Tortillas on the Heating Surface

I’d say the total cook time was around 10 minutes to completely cook both meats and clean up was around another 5 minutes. Clean up involves squiring water onto the Griddle and scrapping off all the old food that has been seered onto it. Longest part about the cook was heating the griddle up and eventually cooling it down so i could put a cover on it. But I know what you want right now don’t you? You want to know the final product. Well here you go

What do i have to say about it? Meat was cooked to perfection, and the guy who did the cooking is a sexy son of a bitch. Would absolutely make these again. The only drawback of this entire first cook was the meat itself. I should have used a juicy cut of chicken such as the thigh and gotten a nice seer on it which was damn near impossible with all the liquid that came with the chicken and steak. That and there were not nearly enough peppers and onions mixed in. It did not kill the meal because I still thoroughly enjoyed it. But now i have an idea of what i can change for next time to make it better.

But if i were to give my initial reaction to the 28” Blackstone Griddle I would say that every man in America can use one of these, and should use one of these. Your grill will beg you not to but that damn grill will just need to live in harmony with your new Griddle, and Smoker as a way to expand what you are capable of in terms of cooking. Everybody who cooks always wants to expand their horizons. You can do that with a Blackstone Griddle. I’m personally excited about owning one and can’t wait to make my next meal on it. Breakfast is about 14 hours away and i can guaran-damn-tee it I’ll be frying up some bacon on this griddle tomorrow morning. What are you waiting for? Go get yours today.

Blackstone: the official Griddle/Flat Top of the Warming Home

If anybody who works for Blackstone reads this…we can make it happen let’s make magic happen you don’t even have to do anything just let me say that Blackstone is the official griddle of my blog. It’ll Rool.

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