Every Time I Listen to Motion City Soundtrack I’m transported back into my Teenage Years

You ever have that one thing that is just a “Blast from the Past” as they might say. It can be a song, a commercial, or a type of food. Everybody has something that reminds them of their younger days, a time when life was that much more simple. I know I remember when life was a lot more simple. No bills, No Money, No Problems…I mean legit problems, I’m sure I had some idiot teenager problems like failing my English test or farting in class in front of the girl I like, or arguing with my parents about needing to be home at exactly 10 o clock and always getting stuck at that light at Rand and Kensington on my way home…that light always screwed me over. You see what I mean I’m taking a trip down memory lane.

For me I get taken back to my teenage years every time I listen to this band

That band would be Motion City Soundtrack, I’m willing to bet that around 80% of the people who will be reading this have either heard of or listened to this band at some point in their lives. And right fully so this band kicked ass back in the day. I remember making fun of my Cousin and Sister for listening to them and immediately falling in love with them upon first listen. I remember listening to them in My friends moms mini van, driving around looking for trouble (Sup Pachys)

But more importantly I remember how I felt every time I listened to them, i felt happy, and enjoyed the company I kept while listening to them. A lot of the people that I remember listening to this band with are still in my life and every time we talk I’m reminded of the simple times in my life. Before jobs, and student loans, and mortgages.

So you may be wondering why I’m writing about this? Well today at work I decided to put on the old Pandora and wouldn’t ya know Motion City Soundtrack came on and I immediately fell into my trap that always happens when I hear Motion City Soundtrack. Step 1. I hear Motion City Soundtrack. Step B. I get all sentimental and emo. Step 3. I listen to Motion City Soundtrack for the rest of the day.

To make a long story short every time I hear this band I’m reminded of my teenage years and all the dumb shit I used to do and it always brings a smile to my face.

For your listening pleasure

What Does the same for You?

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