Naan Bread Pizza is Criminally Underrated

Do you need something quick for dinner but don’t feel like breaking the bank or settling for a greasy fast food burger? If no then get the hell out of here this blog isn’t for you. If you answered yes then buddy boy do I have the solution for you.

It’s Naan Bread Pizza!

Naan bread is a type of bread that is believed to have originated in good ole India my dear. It is very similar to Pita, in fact you may say it’s so similar that in a blind taste test you may not even be able to tell the difference. It’s loaded with vitamins, it’s filling, and it’s effing delicious. Not to mention it makes a mean pizza. The best part about Naan bread? It’s not some specialty bullshit item that you can only find at Whole Foods. You can literally buy this bread at Jewel, shout out to Jewel.

The simplicity, the delightfulness, the taste…it’s everything a girl could ever want out of a pizza that you make yourself. It’s so easy that my three year old could make it, I know this because she helped me make dinner tonight and she did a bang up job

All you need is Cheese, Pizza Sauce, and Naan bread. Sure you can add any toppings you want; Jalapeños, Sausage…anything but Pineapple. Nothing wrong with it but If you like pineapple on your pizza I’m judging you, hard.

So what are you waiting for? Make you and yours a delicious Naan bread pizza

Naan bread the official Indian bread baked in a tandoor of The Warming Home

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