Our Day in Milwaukee

La Familia

So i don’t know about you but this quarantine has really been kicking my ass. I know that staying home is the best thing we can all do but it’s been so long since I’ve left the house for reasons other than Groceries and Work, and i can’t even tell you how long it’s been for Christine or our little curly haired demon. We all needed a little getaway. So today we decided to take our own little family road trip. The results were wonderful.

I have been fielding to get out of the house, I know I really shouldn’t but hey my mental health is just as important as abiding by The governor’s Stay-At-Home order. The only thing I have been fiending for more than getting the flying eff out of my house is my favorite calzone spot on the face of the earth…D.P Dough.

So we made a family decision that we were going to either drive down to Bloomington-Normal to walk around and get those beautiful friggin calzones or drive to Milwaukee where they literally just put a D.P Dough, and being that Bloomington-Normal is over two hours away we decided to go with the closer option. So it was off to Milwaukee we went.

Mask on Fuck it Mask off

We arrived to Milwaukee and made an immediate B-Line to D.P Dough because lets face it what the hell else are you supposed to do in Milwaukee in the middle of a pandemic it’s not like the Bucks or Brewers are playing, anyways i digress. Upon our arrival I felt like Indiana Jones when he gets to a hidden temple. I was ready to get down to business, but also have a bit of fun which is why i took the following pictures.

A family of Banditos
They look ecstatic, i don’t blame them. Not every day a weirdo asks for a picture for his bullshit blog

Yes that is a picture with the staff, because i was feeling dangerous. I’m wearing a mask don’t fall off your dinosaur. I don’t know their names but maybe they will stumble onto this picture and see themselves. But as Conan said “Enough Talk” I was here for my fucking calzones. And calzones did I get.

I just couldn’t wait to snap a picture as you can see.

Christine got the buffalo chicken calzone and I got the bacon cheeseburger calzone. Both of which were just as wonderful as i remember. It was the food equivalent of acing a test, getting an exact number on the gasoline pump, and not being awkward in social situations all rolled up into one beautiful thing. I have been genuinely happy in the past couple months and this was definitely a moment when I was genuinely happy. And with the world being so friggin crazy it’s not very often lately that you can say that something makes you genuinely happy. Wow i said Genuinely Happy a lot in that last sentence.

So obviously the place was closed for Dine In so we drove to a cute little park and ate our food on a Pic-i-nic bench and enjoyed the rest of the day as the weather was beautiful today. It’s days like today that you really appreciate the little things in life, like driving two hours with the people that you love with the sole mission of reliving your college days/getting a piece of your youth back. I challenge whoever is reading this to take the rest of your day or tomorrow or maybe even the next day to do something that makes you happy because in these trying times if you don’t look out for number 1 nobody else will

So you may be asking yourself. Mike? Was it worth it? And I would retort by saying “Yes, Yes it was”

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