You Guys Remember Dubstep?

Don’t ask me why but for some reason as we putting McKenzie to bed I was reminded about everybody’s favorite brand of electronic music…you know the one that sounds like transformers being microwaved, I’m talking about Dubstep.

The Greatest Grimiest Generation

It seems like just yesterday that I was at my orientation at the good ole Illinois State University when I first heard this crap at a party. I remember being amazed by the noises that were being played over the speakers. It sounds like that guy from Police Academy took really good Acid, it felt like you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing dubstep. As quickly as it drew you in it started getting annoying, the music itself wasn’t annoying it was just annoying how everybody was super into Dubstep. I met people in college who it was their fucking identity how much they loved Dubstep. Now I’m not gonna name names (cough cough Tyler). Just kidding Tyler doesn’t exist, I mean in this situation I’m sure there is some guy named Tyler out there.

Isn’t that funny?

Isn’t that meme funny? It’s so funny that Michael Jordan almost fell out of his chair because he was laughing so hard

“Hey Alexa play Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” – Tyler

But as I thought about it, I quickly remembered how much Dubstep sucks…anyways here is a dubstep song in case I got you in the mood to be greasy or grimey or whatever the hell word you would use to describe it

Dubstep: The official Party music of the Warming Home

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