Wolf Blitzer really does have the coolest name ever

Let me start off by saying this is not a political blog. I don’t give two shits if you like the guy or hate the guy but i just want to say this. Wolf Blitzer has the coolest fuckin name ever.

Let’s break this down by first and last name. First name…Wolf, wolves are sweet. I like wolves, you like wolves, everybody likes wolves. The idea of wolves and their system of living is super badass. Would wolf be an Alpha Wolf? Idk you tell me.

Last Name Blitzer. As a football guy I like the idea of thinking about football when football has nothing to do with the conversation. When i think of that last name i think of a middle linebacker shooting the A Gap and scaring the shit out of an opposing quarterback.

It’s awesome, it’s like the name of a action movie villain, or a Navy seal. Wolf Blitzer reporting for duty. So cool, and like i said before hate the guy or love the guy you gotta respect that badass name of his. Wolf Blitzer over and out

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