Oreos Friggin Rule

I want you to do something. And this may be a little difficult, no where near as difficult as locking yourself in the house and avoiding all social contact but probably pretty hard. I want you to think about the first time that you had an Oreo. Now that you’ve taken a stroll down memory lane I want you to try and think of a better moment in your life than the first time you tried an Oreo. Getting your first big person job? Wrong! Jobs suck, Oreos don’t…the birth of your children? Wrong Again! Oreos don’t have blowouts so they win by default…your first love? Wow you couldn’t be more wrong! Oreos will never break your heart.

Oreos are love, Oreos are life, Oreos are the most addictive substance on the planet. Fact there is nothing easier than eating an entire package of Oreos in way too short of an amount of time. In fact the only bad thing about Oreos is that they never last, unless of course you always have those son of a B’s in your house and if that’s the case I fully respect you. In fact I can’t think of one thing more universally loved than Oreos, I mean think about it, you’ve probably never met anybody who has said “What?! Oreos?! nah those aren’t for me” and if they have they A) are probably from North Korea and B) cannot be trusted

Friends come and go, family members unfortunately all leave us at one point or another but you know what will never let you down? A sleeve of Oreos…unless of course they are single stuff and if you buy single stuff you need Electro Shock Therapy, because you a crazy person…I’m gonna be on Television

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