Quarantine Blog: Day 2

Like most of you I’m stuck in the house for the foreseeable future. Things are a little surreal, I honestly can’t believe what is happening in the world, it seems like everyone is panicking and the friggin chooch government doesn’t know what the hell is going on. and now that I have an infinite amount of time on my hands I’d like you to fully experience all my thoughts while I go effing insane during this Quarantine. So i will do my best to provide daily blogs with my thoughts and experiences as you witness my descent into madness

First and Foremost, there shouldn’t be any commercials for places that aren’t currently open. I don’t want to see a commercial for Outback Steakhouse with in all likely hood that I won’t go there. But i tell you what a Blooming Onion sounds Bomb.Com right now, sure I can go pick one up via Take Out, but the closest Outback is very far away and by the time i get home we all know that Onion will be soggy AF.

So far things have been ok, we haven’t had to leave the house for any reason so we have just enjoyed each other’s company. Although i think the plan tonight is to go pick up some Mexican food (Take out of course) from our favorite spot, blog to come later. Every one is healthy at our house so there is always that, and we haven’t killed each other yet, although i think that might change after spending so much time together.

Feelin Fine

Thank God that Animal Crossing and Doom Eternal came out, and that there is plenty of good stuff to stream on Netflix, Disney +, and Hulu. And thank God that my kid isn’t super annoying yet, but i think that may change after a couple of days of Isolation

Every body stay safe out there

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