I’m In Love with Doritos

Everybody has had feelings for someone at some point in their life. But have you ever had feelings for something? Well that is how I feel about Doritos. I don’t exactly know what it is about these crunchy, delicious triangles, but all I know is that I need more of them in my life. One is never enough, they had me at Hello, If they’re a bird than I’m a bird. You get the idea.

It wasn’t over then, It still isn’t over

Cool Ranch? Of course, Nacho Cheese? You betcha…I love them all. I don’t have a type but if I did it would be crunchy and doritoish. Very much like what Doritos are. I truly believe that Doritos are the best chips on earth and I have the evidence to back up my claim.

Name one thing that immediately doesn’t get better after adding Doritos to it? Tacos? You already know my stance on walking tacos and Taco Bell managed to combine their crunchy tacos with Doritos to make an all time excellent fast food item. I try to make it a point to get at least one Doritos Locos taco from Taco Bell every time I go because Ball is life…I mean Doritos is Life. Pizza? Well i got news for you pal my favorite place on earth (Pizza Ranch) puts Doritos on their taco pizzas and you’d think you died and went straight to heaven after eating it. I know what you’re thinking, “Mike Hot Chocolate wouldn’t be better with Doritos in It” and to that I say Of course it wouldn’t don’t be a silly goose.

A cheesy Family Photo

I want to start a family with Doritos, I want Doritos every day all day, I want to be loved by Doritos like how I love them. We all crave being loved. I want to be loved by a bag of chips…and my wonderful fiancé and daughter of course…hehe that’s what i meant

Well that was fun. I’m gonna go eat some Doritos. P.S Doritos you tryna be the official chip of my blog?

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