Crandall’s Restaurant: Don’t be Broastfull

If you know me, you know that when I get a craving for something nothing else matters to me except for getting said craving under control. My newest craving…Broasted chicken. It’s like fried chicken except it’s fried in a pressure cooker rather than a deep fryer. Moral of the story is that it’s way better in almost every sense of the word better. this stuff doesn’t fuck around. The plan was to go Last Friday Night, but that dickhead Old Man Winter decided to shit all over my plans. So for dinner Christine, McKenzie, and I decided to embark on a Journey of Broasted Chicken excellence. The best part about Crandalls besides the fact that it’s the most adorable little family owned joint ever? The fact that you can get an All You Can Eat Broasted Chicken dinner.

This chicken is world famous and rightfully so. It’s a hit, I could eat this chicken all day every day for the rest of my life if it wouldn’t slowly kill me, but then again life slowly kills you every day so why not enjoy it AMIRIGHT?! So here we are, I’m sitting on my couch as full Anthony Davis’ eyebrow and I’m gonna pull my Roddy Rich impression and just get lazy. Side note: Per the recommendation of a coworker (Sup Kirby) I ordered a piece of Chocolate Cake and this thing is a monster, if it was coming at me in the dark I would shoot at it.

Crandall’s gets the “Mike’s Must Try” Status, if you’ve had it before you understand how good it is. If you haven’t then you need to make a trip up to Hebron, Illinois and get you some. Hebron sounds familiar does it? Maybe I wrote a blog about it maybe I didn’t maybe you read a little bit more of these blogs and find out. So what are you waiting for?

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