Walking Tacos are everything that is right in the world

You like tacos right? What am I saying of course you do. You’d have to be a frigging lunatic to not appreciate a good taco. There is almost nothing better than a good taco. In fact I dare you to try and find anything better than a nice hot, full, taco. Try me. Now next question, how do you make tacos better? Answer: Make them more user friendly. Enter the Walking Taco. It takes the best part of the taco and makes it even better. It makes it portable. You can literally walk and eat a taco at the same time. Talk about reinventing the wheel amiright!?!

What is a Walking Taco the uninitiated might ask. It’s very quite simple it is. You take the ingredients in a taco and shove them into a bag of Doritos (Personal Fav) or Fritos (Second Personal Fav) and eat them with a fork. It’s simple, it’s good. It is just perfect. That Ed Sheeran Song perfect isn’t about some woman. It’s about walking tacos dammit.


I mean Come On

Are you kidding me right now. In a world that is going so wrong. Walking Tacos are just so right. They are like Mother Theresa. A walking taco would give you the shirt off it’s back if they wore them. If you’ve never had a walking taco then you need to get your ass to the store and buy the ingredients and make one. The snack shop at the Kalahari Resort in the Wisconsin Dells makes a mean walking taco if you’re interested. Personally I am planning our next family vacation around the fact that I can get one of these fucking things there. That is dedication my friend. I love walking tacos. And guess what? They love me back. We complete each other. They had me at hello, all that sappy crap.

So what are you waiting for? Get one in you now. You won’t regret it.

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