Coach O is the reason you should be rooting for LSU this Monday

This Monday we get one of the best games of the year. Unbeaten LSU vs Unbeaten Clemson. Whether you root for the tigers or the tigers there is one reason you should should be watching this game. And its for this man right here.

That’s right Coach O aka the most electrifying man in college football. Coach O just fuckin rules. From the raspy voice to the fact that he drinks like 20 Monster Energy drinks a day, there isn’t a more like able guy in College Football than Ed Orgeron.

His players love him, his fans love him, and I love him. You won’t find anyone more ride or die than Coach O. He literally bleeds purple and yellow. LSU needs Ed Orgeron as much as Ed Orgeron needs LSU. They have taken the nation by storm this season with their extraordinary play and all of that is because of the big guy named Ed. Well and Joe Burrow.

Look at that shit. Don’t you want to just run through a brick wall. I’m not a LSU guy but i would go to war for Coach O.

Just like he would go to war for LSU.

Geaux Tigers

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