A Holiday tradition that needs to die and die fast

I love this time of year. People are more giving, friendly, and just overall nicer. You get a couple days off of work, it just rules right? But you know what doesn’t rule? Car Companies acting like normal people buy each other fucking cars for Christmas.

We have all seen the commercials. A brand spanking new car with a big red bow on it. It’s just ridiculous. I mean who in their right mind can afford a car for their significant other for Christmas, especially a Lexus. They must think we are all made of money, and there are so many unanswered questions that come along with this.

How much money did these people put down?

Do they pay for the entire car or like a payment or two? If that’s the case that would be a really shitty present. “Hey i know you already have a car that does it’s basic job functions but instead of getting you a gift with sentimental value I got you a Mercedes Benz that you had no input in getting…What’s that? Paid for the entire car? Of course I didn’t you can afford an extra $400 Dollars a month for the next 5 years right?

It really makes no sense whatsoever. Buying a car is kind of a big deal, and where do you even get a bow that big?

I’ll tell you right now, I do not want a new car for Christmas if anybody reading this is already looking for what to get me for next year. Don’t you frigging dare. It’s stupid, insubordinate, and Churlish. It’s a Holiday tradition that needs to die and die fast. Unless of course it’s this car…

Then by all means, continue. But let’s not get started on the people who decorate their cars. We can save that for next year.

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