Everybody’s working for the Weekend

I’m a simple man. I enjoy the little things in life, like Baby Yoda Memes, a Good Cheeseburger and most importantly Weekends. No Not this weekend.

I’m talking about Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Aka the best days of the week. There should be no rebuttal there, because it’s impossible to argue for the other side. I mean who in there right mind would argue that Monday is the best day of the week? Serial Killers that’s who. If you’re like me its the days when you get to catch up on shows, sleep in until 8 o clock unless you’re little curly headed monster has other plans, and sit around in your PJ’s all day.

Let’s break it down a little bit more.

Friday: The end of a long bullshit work week. Friday night is the perfect night to go out drinking, because you get two full days to recoup after. And typically you get paid on Friday’s. If you’re lucky enough to get out of work early on Friday its makes this wonderful day even better. The kids these days call Fridays “Friyays” and it really is the perfect term to describe the second best day of the week.

Saturday: The Shawshank Redemption of days of the week. The creme de la creme. The hands down best day of the week. Sandwiched between the second and third best days of the week this day is yours. You can do pretty much whatever the fuck you want, unless of course you have previous commitments which really suck but hey it is what it is. I personally like to do absolutely nothing on Saturdays. It’s my day to sit in my own stink for a couple of hours while figuring out how I’m going to cheat on my diet. Saturdays are that feeling you get when you came downstairs Christmas morning and saw all the presents under the tree, except there are no presents and you get that feeling once a week 52 times a year. I dare you to name a better day of the week.

Sunday: Easily the worst of the three days, the end is nigh and you know it. The only saving grace of this day is that you can just lay around and watch football all day for about a 5th of the year. Personally I like doing jack shit on Sunday, I’m talking no shower, maybe get 500 Steps on my Fitbit activity. The worst part about Sunday is typically you get the Sunday Scaries once 4 o clock hits and that’s it. 5 more days of crap quickly follow. But guess what, after those 5 days you get a couple more to yourself.

In fact, its the weekend right now, So why don’t you go enjoy it?

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