I blinked and now I have a little lady walking around my house

It seems like just yesterday we found out about our little bundle of Terror. I remember how scared I was, I wasn’t sure if I was fit to be a parent. I knew for a fact that 25 year old Mike could totally not be a parent. Through the years I’ve watched McKenzie grow up in front of my eyes. I remember her first steps, her first time saying Dada, and first time she threw up in my mouth when I was holding her (It was just great). But it really hasn’t hit me until just recently that we really don’t have a little baby anymore. Everyday i come home from work and am immediately greeted by McKenzie’s smiling face and like clockwork she says something to me that absolutely blows me away.

A couple of weeks ago she talked me off the ledge when I was upset about how Walmart’s tire center treated me. I mean I legit was Motherfucking that entire store and she reassured me that every thing was going to be ok. That is 100% true by the way. She is just growing up so fast. And it’s making me kind of sad as I’m thinking about it. I mean I blinked and now I have a little mashed potato eating monster running around my house. Telling me that I’m Stinky, rolling her eyes at me when I tell her a horribly lame dad joke, and pulling off her best Kelly Clarkson impression and being Miss Independent.

She may be the big girl now. But one thing is for sure.

She will always be Daddy’s Babygirl

One thought on “I blinked and now I have a little lady walking around my house

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  1. It is an amazing time watching your child develop so quickly at the age McKenzie is. Truthfully it scared me too with all 3 of my daughters. However after I got over the fear I always looked forward to walking in the front door and looked forward to listening to the growth of my children day by day. It was always an unforgettable experience. Your emotions are normal Mike and I believe you are a great father. I believe you will grow along with your sweet daughter.

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