I think I found my New Favorite Show

So yesterday I was sitting at NTB getting my tire sensor checked out and in the waiting room they had a TV with the history channel playing…as a big history guy this made me very happy and I sat there for what felt like forever and watched Forged In Fire which is a bomb ass show but not what this blog is about sadly. During a commercial break I saw an ad for this show on History Channel called Kings of Pain; a show where these two animal handlers purposely seek out the most painful bites in the animal kingdom and willingly let these fuckin things bite them…sounds insane right?

Well guess what? It’s about every bit of insane as it sounds. How do I know this? Well because Christine and I watched the shit out of it when I got home from NTB. And it probably my new obsession. I mean it’s got everything animal bites, animal bites, and more animal bites. And these two psychos just sit there and take it

I’m amazed, it’s must watch TV. There is nothing else to it, it’s really just must watch tv ya know if you’re into watching two guys get bit by spiders, scorpions, and bees.

If you’ve seen the show then good on ya mate, but if you haven’t you must immediately check this shit out and you can thank me later

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