I Think I’m a VSCO Girl

I’m going through a very strange time in my life. I don’t enjoy much, my idea of a good time is going to sleep early, and I found joy in the simple things in life. To make a long story short I think I’m very slowly becoming a VSCO Girl. You may be asking yourself…Mike what the hell does that mean? It’s simple you see so simple that I just don’t even really feel like typing it and here you go.

See I told you I’m lazy. So lazy that I just took the Urban Dictionary definition and copied and pasted it. Judge me.

You may be asking yourself Mike why do you think you’re becoming a VSCO girl it really doesn’t make any sense? Well let me explain. I have been rocking vans, crocs, Birkenstocks and Oversized T-Shirts since I don’t even know when. I still rock Crocs and Oversized T-Shirts. Do you know why? Because it’s comfortable that’s why. And to be honest I’d totally rock a scrunchie if I could pull it off, which i probably can.

Over the past couple of years I have really contemplated buying a Jeep. Not only because I’m a big fan of stuff being “A Jeep Thing” but because I’m totally becoming a VSCO girl. Let us not pretend that Puka shell necklaces aren’t cool. Because they totally are. My 13 year old self would rock the shit out of Puka shell necklaces and you know what why can’t they make a comeback?

Need more evidence? My instagram is Bomb.com…please don’t judge me for saying that. And over the past week I’ve had a relentless urge to buy a Hydroflask. I should just let it happen, let my metamorphosis be complete and just legally change my name to “Starbucks Can’tEven Leopold”

Or i could not. Which is what I’ll probably do

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