Dave Chappelle is a Hero

This is a deeply important (and brief) review of Dave Chappelle’s newest Netflix special, “Sticks & Stones”.  Similar to my review of “Aziz Ansari: Right Now”, I posted this on my letterboxd account.  Posting it on here as well, because I can.



Another incredible hour from one of the very very best (top 3 easily) stand-ups of all time. I forgot this was being released today until I came home from work and looked at Google News and saw a headline from Vice: “You Can Definitely Skip Dave Chappelle’s New Netflix Special”. I was already planning on watching it, but as soon as I read that I immediately stopped what I was doing and opened up Netflix. Chappelle is a treasure. His rhythm, delivery, and comedic timing is unparalleled. The dull and exhausting criticism that he incessantly receives from our increasingly disingenuous media culture is completely pointless and counterproductive.

Comedian Tim Dillon (from the Tim Dillon is Going to Hell podcast) recently said on his show, “what Hollywood wants now is, they want you to agree with people and not laugh.” I’m paraphrasing a bit, but what he’s saying is that they want everyone to just nod and be safe. You’re allowed to disagree with someone and still find them funny. That’s fine. There is so much comedy right now that lacks authenticity. Chappelle is one of the only authentic successful mainstream comedians, and we need to cherish this.



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