Knocked Loose’s New Album is a Different Shade of Awesome

Hello Boys and Girls…I’m Baaaaack

I’m here early because I couldn’t sleep and I had one thing on my mind. How fuckin sweet Knocked Loose’s new Album is. If you know me you know I’m a fan of angry sounding music and boy oh boy does Knocked Loose do that in the newly released album A Different Shade of Blue. I’ve already listened to this album in its entirety about 3 times and I’m hooked. The growth, that you expect from an artist in their second album is there, and holy shit do they bring the heaviness that you desire from a Knocked Loose Album.

I don’t think its crazy to assume that once this album is heard by more people you will see this band reach heights that I’m sure even they would have thought were not possible, and its well deserved. I feel like every time I’m on Twitter, or Facebook I see Knocked Loose headlining or playing a new tour and to write new material between all of that just shows you that these guys really are the hardest working band in the Hardcore Game and it shows. This album will take your headphones and shove them down your throat, it will break your nose with a cupcake. This album is how it feels to chew 5 Gum.

It’s simple, are you a fan of heavier music? Then you absolutely need to check this album out.

Are you not a fan of Heavier Music? Still check this album out because the amount of work that went into it is worth a listen and who knows you may find something you enjoy. Mark my words Knocked Loose will take over the world and spill into different scenes much like Code Orange has done. Think about it, you don’t know a single person who’s listened to Code Orange that doesn’t like them. Pretty soon Knocked Loose will be in that same conversation.

I’ve been waiting for this album since after my first listen of their first album Laugh Tracks. And boy oh boy was it worth the wait. I’m not going to break down the album track by track. I honestly think that’s kind of dumb, you should just listen to it yourself because this album is a hardcore masterpiece. Don’t believe me well then check it out for yourself…it’s a free country, for now. Until Knocked Loose runs for President in 2020 and they make a mandatory Wall of Death every 4th of July. It would rule.

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