Mike’s Random Review: The Gatorade GX Platform

Bit the bullet and bought a new type of Gatorade that I’m very excited to share with you. It’s called the GX and it’s very similar to a standard pod system. You just fill up your custom bottle with 30oz of water, and smash one of their measured out pods into the lid and boom. The perfect mix of Gatorade. It’s ingenious, it’s simple, and it rules.

Live look in at the bottle and pods. They make a solid amount of flavored pods to choose from and you can customize your own Bottle as part of the bundle. I got a Bears themed one because obviously.

I told you it was custom. Until you realize that I spelled my own name wrong. Gotcha

The Pods. This one is Grape Zero. I really want to take a shot of one of these and see what happens. I’ll probably be hella Hydrated.

Little Demonstration of how the Pods and Bottle work together. Don’t mind my awkwardness. Seriously it’s very awkward. I didn’t want to spill so i managed to do it with one hand. Straight up skill if you ask me.

My only complaint…is that every time i take a sip out of this bottle the air slowly leaks out and it sounds like the Shrieking Eels from the Princess Bride

You hear that Gatorade. It’s the Shrieking Eels.

Overall I would give the Gatorade GX an 80/100. And i base that off it’s practicality, it’s portability, and most importantly the taste. The only real drawbacks are the price point which is around $30 for the bottle and a 4 pack of pods so basically you have to spend $60 to get enough pods and a bottle to last you for a good amount of time, and the whole shrieking eels thing.

Just Do it. Shit that’s Nike isn’t it?

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