I Sim’d the Opening Game of the NFL Season and the Results May Shock You

We are so close to Football being back. So close that I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m playing Madden to scratch that itch. In a few short weeks we will have overcome the yearly Seven month Drought that we are expected to live through without NFL Football. It feels like it gets longer every single year and even more so if you are excited about your team. Let’s face it if you live in Chicago you are pretty fucking excited about this Bears team and what they can accomplish this season. My opinion they are the Apex predators of the NFL this season. The rest of the NFL should be on notice when Los Osos De Chicago come to town because this team is caliente my dude.

So this morning i was stupid bored. And decided to run a simulation of the opening game of the NFL season. Packers v. Bears in Chicago. And by run a simulation I mean i played on Rookie mode. And the results may shock you.

Bears won (Of Course) final Score of 63-7 #NoMercy

Money Mitch threw for 450 Yards and 8 TD’s with a Passer rating of 149 and a Completion % of 66.6 (proof that I sold my soul to the devil for a successful Bears season) and rushed for an additional 64 yards.

I love that man.

Defense was on a roll and held the Packers offense to 7 Total Pts, Forced 3 turnovers including a blocked FG that was taken to the House by Eddie Jackson. Defense held Green Bay to 9 Rushing Yards the entire game.

If this is any indication of how the NFL’s 100th Opener will go down (Which it will). Then the Bears will start their perfect season off on the right foot. Ending with a Super Bowl. Doubt me and I’ll challenge my inner Vicki Valencourt, Guess? That ain’t no Guess that’s what it’s gone Be!!!

Bearvengers Assemble

Bear Down

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