The Cubano is the Alpha of the Sandwich World

I’ll admit I’m a pretty miserable person, not a lot makes me happy anymore. Unless of course I’m at a restaurant and I happen to see a Cubano sandwich on there, it may be trivial but I get a sense of genuine happiness when I see a Cubano anywhere.

For the uninitiated a Cubano consists of very simple ingredients:

– Roasted Pork

– Swiss Cheese

– Ham

– Yellow Mustard

– Pickles

And what makes this sandwich so special? Well it’s pressed flat so upon serving it’s crispy, melty, and delicious. You really can’t beat a good Cubano like at all. In fact this sandwich is so alpha it may beat you

It’s so alpha that Khalil Mack is afraid of it, this is the type of sandwich that will slide into your girl or guys DMs and beat your ass if you dare question it. So what are you gonna do about it? Well get one of course ya big goof.

There are no guarantees in life…except for when I see one of these sons a bitches on a menu I’m hammering that order. Every time

Shout out to the Cubano the official pressed pork sandwich of the Warming Home

2 thoughts on “The Cubano is the Alpha of the Sandwich World

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  1. There is a bar near my house that makes one that I’ve always wanted to try. Think I’ll finally go for it this weekend.

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