County Fair Food is the best food on the Planet

Last night; Christine, McKenzie, and myself went to the McHenry County Fair (conveniently located in Woodstock) and I was reintroduced to one of my favorite places on earth. It’s not everywhere that you get to see a bunch of Sheep, Pigs, and Cows while chowing down on some of the grossest food possible and shortly after play some shitty games and win a shitty prize that you will never use. But while I’m on the subject I want to get into the food. Because as you probably know I’m a big food guy and I annually visit this fair and eat like I haven’t eaten in months.

Let’s get down to business (To defeat the Huns). The first booth we went to was a lemonade stand. I typically am not a big Lemonade guy but if the booth looks like this:

I’m all in. I love Lemonade shake ups more than I love myself. I just can’t get enough of this sugary water with a hint of lemon. I just love it, it feels like summer. If you have never dove in and bought some of this lemonade you are a complete jackass. If you have, well you are not a complete jackass and you know what’s up.

The truth is that you can get good food at the unlikeliest places, and that is even more true at a county fair, I mean do you really think you will be able to get incredibly gross yet satisfying food at a place like this?

Or this?

Well what about this one?

Answer: Yes. I mean nothing screams COME HERE AND EAT YOU FAT FUCK like seeing one these stands. There is almost a guarantee that if I see one of these I will at least approach it and see what they have even though they pretty much all have the same thing; Lemonade, Corn Dogs, Deep Fried Oreos, Fries, Nachos, Popcorn, and Cotton Candy. Did I miss anything? Probably not. If I’m at a fair and I’m getting something to eat I want it out of a truck or a stand. That’s it, no questions asked. So i decided to indulge and get a Philly Cheesesteak from a scummy food truck with pretty much this kid working the counter

I called him boss for shits and gigs and we both had a good laugh about it Notabigdeal. It was spectacular, the amount of meat and cheese that was on this Effin sandwich was enough to curb my hunger for a scummy philly sandwich. it was awesome. I also got a slice of pizza that was just ok, but it was still pizza so I’m not gonna complain too much. So basically I went to a fair and ate too much but you know what? That is what this country is about damnit. Going to appreciate some vegetables that someone grew and eating deep fried Oreos while you do it. At least that’s what living in God’s Country (McHenry County) is all about.

So pretty much Fair food is the best food on earth, don’t @ Me.

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