I wish I could quit life and go pro in Video Gaming

The World Cup of Fortnite just concluded and a 16 year old kid just took home 3 million dollars for playing a free video game…talk about a killer ROI. I’m gonna leave the kids name out of this because I don’t care enough to look it up.

This kid gave the ultimate FU to his parents and I do love the shit out of that. Imagine winning 3 million dollars playing a video game then riding home in the same car as the people who told you that you will never be anything in life if you just play video games. I know there is a commandment about not being lame to your parents but I think you should get a pass on this one.

I would 100% rub this in my parents face (Sorry Mom, Sorry Dad). In fact I wish I didn’t have the responsibility I had so I could just quit living and go pro in video games. Except the only games I’m good at are games that will never be that popular. There will never be a World Cup of Stardew Valley or Resident Evil 4.

Congrats to this kid, and anyone who won a shit load of money playing Fortnite.

little Spaceballs reference for you ladies and gents

This blog is brought to you by Fortnite…the unofficial free to play battle royal game that you can get on every single platform from PC to your IPad and everything in between, sponsor the blog I’ll do a stupid victory dance!

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