Walmart’s Cinnamon French Toast Sticks are Criminally Underrated

If you’ve shopped at Walmart before then there is a 100% chance you’ve seen that box before, but have you actually tried them? If so then you already know what’s up and I’m so proud of you, yes you. If not then you need to take your happy ass to Walmart and cop you a box ASAP.

Are these simple? Yes

Are these easy to make? Yes

Are these Delicious AF? Of Course ya big Silly. One could say they are the most underrated breakfast item ever. You really won’t know whether I’m right or wrong until you try them right?

But be warned, these are not only delicious AF, but addicting AF fam.

Just one bite and you’ll be hooked, one won’t be enough, it never is. You’ll look to mainline them and who knows what else you might have to do to get your fix. You could ruin your whole life with one bite. Consuming these delicious French toast sticks until you scream to the sky waiting for an answer as to what you should do next

Or you may just enjoy them and not have to do horrible things to get your fix.

Well what are you waiting for? Go to Walmart and get a box today!

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