I’m sick of this Negative Bull Crap Narrative about Monster Energy Drinks

Over the past few months the Fake News media has engrained in our society that it is no longer socially acceptable to drink Monster Energy Drinks without looking like a Douchebag-Hardo-Kyle and frankly I’m getting rather sick of it.

Monster is delicious, it comes in numerous flavors and the best part is that it does what it’s supposed to do, I mean what other products out there are responsible for you becoming a beast while giving you gratuitous amounts of hypeness? Answer: None.

I love Monster, I’m not ashamed of that, I even mixed 6 of them together to see if I could travel through time, it was delicious. But noooooo, Monster gives you strokes, only douchebags drink Monster, don’t drink Monster if you’re pregnant…Enough is enough

If you’re looking for a caffeine buzz don’t reach for coffee, reach for a Monster. You won’t be disappointed because you won’t be disappointed with results. And Monster gives results. Shit I’m even thinking about getting a Monster Energy tattoo.

If anyone from Monster is reading this I 100% believe everything I just wrote, tryna be the official Energy Drink of The Warming Home?

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