The NFL should Ban Tom Brady for life; For Endangering his Daughters life

As my good friend Offset once said – “They Do Anything for Clout”

I woke up to this horrid video of Tom Brady forcefully throwing his daughter off of a cliff. I can’t believe this, it’s repulsive. Tom Brady and I have a love hate relationship, I hate Tom Brady and I love doing it. Do you know why I hate Tom Brady? Because he throws his daughter off of cliffs for Instagram Clout? NO! I hate Tom Brady because he wins the fucking Super Bowl every year, and every year he pushes that Underdog narrative on the rest of the world.

“Nobody believes in us” – Tom Brady every season when they lose to the Dolphins in Miami

I digress. This is horrible though, I’m still in shock after seeing this.

Do you see how stupid this is? This is what half of the internet sounds like right now. Let the man live, his daughter is fine and Tom is the G.O.A.T.

But for real he could have broken her arm. The NFL needs to step in and do something about this, like could you imagine a world were NFL players were allowed to walk around and break their children’s arms. Could you just imagine that?

**Cough Cough**

Do the right thing Comissioner Goodell, and Ban Tom Brady from the NFL, and grant us fans the right to know what life would be like if somebody different won the Super Bowl.

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