I think I’m gonna join the raid on Area 51

As I’m sure you have heard by now on September 20th there is a large group of people who are going to band together and storm the gates of Area 51; the most heavily fortified military base on the planet. My assumption is that a large reason for people wanting to break into Area 51 is that a lot of people will say they believe Aliens are inside the base and holy shit would that be cool? Proof that we are not alone in the universe…I mean it’s pretty much a guarantee that we are not alone but to actually see one would be out-fucking-rageous.

I want to join this raid, I mean yolo right? How cool would it be to be shot to death the minute I step on the premises, or arrested! Like that wouldn’t affect my life at all. I can only imagine the secrets lurking inside Area 51 and to be completely honest I’ve always been somewhat captivated by the mystery behind Area 51. I hear that’s why her hair is so big, because it’s full of secrets.

But for real, let’s join the movement and be littered with bullets the minute we step foot on the premises…we live in an effed up time in this country and if you don’t think the military won’t shoot the shit out of civilians trying to bull rush a top secret facility you need to think again, it really is stupid but I’m a big chaos guy so I’m totally behind this raid

I’m all in, and you should be too

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