Every time I shave I travel through time

It was the end of an era tonight. It’s entirely too hot to rock a beard all the time, and it was getting a little bit too long for my liking, I’m sure all of you care by the way so I figured I would give you some insight as to what is going on in the life of Mike, that’s about it. Oh wait there was a point to all of this. Anyways pretty much every time I shave I feel like I de-age myself at-least 5 years.

It’s almost like every time I shave I travel back to a time when I regularly shaved. When was that? You may ask. I can honestly not remember. Could be 6 years, could be during the Kennedy Administration. Nobody knows, actually I know and it was like 3-4 years ago.

But like I was saying it feels like every time I shave I travel through time. I look younger, my face appears thinner which has a positive correlation to my age. The younger I was, the thinner I was…Yeah Math! I kind of want to go to a liquor store to see if I get carded, and when I do hit them with the “I’m probably older than you are” line that I have DDT’d into the ground since I’ve turned 26.

Well that’s all folks,,, here are some horrible photoshops of me shaven traveling through time. Further proving my point.

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