The perfect blog for the Perfect Girl

Most of you who know me know that I am many things; a Son, a Father, etc. but I also have a half of me that makes me strive to be a better man every single day, I’d like to introduce you to my better half, Christine.

This is one of the first pictures we took as a couple about 6 years ago. I can’t tell you what happened before or after this picture was taken but what I can tell you is that every moment after this picture was taken was beautiful because she was in it.

I was instantly drawn to her, from the moment I met her I knew I needed her in my life. I’ve told her this before but I’ve thought about marrying her every day since we have met. And very soon I get to do that.

If you have been following me on any form of social media over the past 6 years you have seen our relationship and family flourish. What you don’t see is the hard times which are very few and far between the happy times. But even when I’m at my worst, and lowest point she is still the first one to my side, supporting me, and pushing me to fight my demons, and with her in my corner I feel unstoppable.

It is because of this that she is perfect, I don’t want to sound sappy but I think the reason I’m on this planet is to make her the happiest woman in the world, I would like to think that this is my purpose in life, the past couple months I haven’t been doing a very good job, and yet she still loves me unconditionally. And it’s for that reason among the numerous other things that makes her perfect.

I can’t wait to spoil you on our date later.

I’m yours forever my love ❤️

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  1. Wish life wasn’t so hard, but it is love and understanding that will see you through ♥️

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