Ryan Arcidiacono re-signs with da Bulls.

Free agency only opened a few days ago and the entire league has been shaken up. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving team up on the Nets, the team who was dead last on attendance last season. Kemba Walker moves to Boston, who lost two core players in Irving and Al Horford, and despite that, very well may have a great season ahead. Jimmy Butler took it to an up and coming Miami team, and former NBA MVP Derrick Rose will continue his comeback in Detroit. While many star players left their respective teams and will move forward on a new team next year, several studs elected to stay put. Klay Thompson will remain with the Warriors, where he’ll continue being a fan favorite and shoot the lights out. Khris Middleton will stay with in Milwaukee, because he’d be crazy to give up an opportunity to play with the best basketball player on Earth. And while ESPN and other major news outlets will continue to fill airtime foaming at the mouth about the possibilities of where Kawhi Leonard will sign, or just how far the Nets can take it next year while KD is sidelined, one free agency signing may go untold. That signing is the 3 year deal da Chicago Bulls just pulled off with Ryan Arcidiacono.

This guy rules, plain and simple. As a short white guy who maxed out his basketball career as a sparkplug on the 8th grade B team, I could not be more excited to have him in Chicago for the next 3 years. He works hard and doesn’t turn the ball over. He hustles and despite his size and speed, is a scrappy defender. I’m not saying anything new. This is what we all know about him. It’s what all the analysts have to say about him. But as a huge fan of da Bulls it’s hard to describe how special it is to see a player like him get this recognition.

You can’t wear #51 in Chicago without aknowleging the toughest Chicago athlete of all time, Dick Butkus. I believe that Ryan Arcidiacono plays with the same fire and tenacity that the legendary linebacker did, and I’m sure many other Chicagoans agree.

A collegiate champ who grinded his way from the G-League to the NBA, Arcidiacono knows his stuff, has some guts, and is exactly what da Bulls needed for the spot. He will come off the bench like usual, and he’ll do all the things in the slow boring parts of the game that don’t get written about in the paper or show up on the stat sheets that will help this team win 23 games next year, so I’ll still be able to afford tickets to see them play.

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