Toy Story 4 Review: All Fun and Games

Took the family to see the new Toy Story today, Christine felt like a load of dog crap and Kenz has been on a real Toy Story kick lately so with the given circumstances and the humidity, taking a load off and releasing with a good movie was hands down the best decision we have made in a long time and is really the only family time we have had since Christine and McKenzie have been home from Florida.

Where do I even start with this movie? The animation looks great especially in comparison to the first movie that came out like 20+ years ago. It really shows the level of care that was put into this movie. Being the sentimental type led me to tear up during the opening sequence. This will more than likely be the last installment of this series and I remember seeing the original in theaters multiple time with my parents and now 20 years later here I am with my little girl seeing third sequel to a movie that gave me so much joy in the past. It was really a great feeling and hearing Randy Newman’s You Got a Friend In Me only drove this point hard harder.

All the voice acting is outstanding, especially the new additions of Keanu Reeves, Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele. Do not let the trailers form an opinion of these new characters because when it comes down to the execution they are Among the best parts of this movie.

The story however was kind of Meh, it was fairly weak but still enjoyable as it brought numerous times where I found myself laughing out loud at a movie geared towards kids. It’s a really nice addition to the franchise especially after how emotionally intense Toy Story 3 was. I did not take this into account during my scoring because at this point there is really nothing that Disney/Pixar can’t do wrong in my book and even though I didn’t enjoy the story as much as Moana, or Inside Out this movie was still better than a lot of movies I’ve seen recently.

My Final Verdict: 85/100

If you were a fan of the other Toy Story movies than you will like this send off to the franchise, especially if you have a young child, it will make it very hard to not get the waterworks going. Go see this movie and buy into the corporate Disney machine, they need your money and you need to see this movie.

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